Marketing Influence on Revenue in Personalisation

Notes on marketing attribution following the launch of an Einstein Recipe-driven cart recommendations campaign.

  • The maximum attribution window in MCP for conversions is one week
  • “Web Recommendations Influence” on the Reports Dashboard displays revenue specifically from products that were added to cart from a web campaign experience. For example, a customer purchases two products with an order total of $57. One of the products was a recommended item for $14, hence the attributed revenue is $14, not the full order amount.

  • In Web Campaigns > Statistics, the revenue shown is the total order value, including any non-recommended items purchased
  • When a recommendations campaign appears on a cart page, this makes view attribution less accurate because every user who visits the cart page will have an impression logged, regardless of whether they purchased recommended items or not. Therefore, click is the most accurate attribution type, where a click stat is logged when a recommended item is added to cart.