What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud used for?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives marketers the ability to create personalised customer experiences across every touchpoint. From email to web, mobile, social, online advertising and data management, Marketing Cloud has a wealth of features that make it much more than an ESP.

Here is an overview of some of its top capabilities using an example case study.

ABC Motors are planning to launch a new range of cars. Their goal is to get pre-orders from leads who have registered their interest to find out more.

Web Studio

CloudPages in Web Studio allow you to build landing pages and microsites with drag and drop content blocks. ABC Motors set up a page to showcase model features, with a Smart Capture Form to add lead details to Marketing Cloud.

Mobile Studio

Leads who visit the ABC Motors landing page can sign up to get email updates. They can also opt in to SMS messages or in-app notifications about the upcoming model launch.

Content Builder

Content Builder is a content management tool that allows you to manage all your assets in one place. You can create emails from templates without code and tag content for easy reference. With dynamic content blocks ABC Motors was able to tailor messages based on the cars subscribers are interested in, creating a personalised user experience.

Email Studio

During a pre-launch phase it’s important to nurture leads with content so that your brand stays top of mind.

  • The first email for ABC Motors is a thank you message for signing up to learn more 
  • The second email announces that pre-orders are open with a CTA to contact your nearest dealer
  • The third email creates a sense of urgency by highlighting strong sales and limited supply

Marketing Cloud offers A/B testing in Email Studio to find out which emails get the best results. By experimenting with subject line, content and send times, ABC Motors can optimise their marketing efforts to bring in the most pre-orders.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder is Marketing Cloud’s solution for guiding customers down paths of interactions with your brand. While Email and Mobile Studio are used for sending Email and SMS, in Journey Builder you can create and send messages to multiple channels from a single drag and drop workspace.

The entry source to ABC Motors’ journey is the CloudPages RYI form submit event. When a lead submits a pre-order, they have met the journey goal. This will automatically remove them from the journey to make sure they are not sent any more messages.

Marketing Cloud Connect

Journey Builder integrates with Sales and Service Cloud through Marketing Cloud Connect. With automatic syncing of data, every team has the most up to date information about their leads and customers. For a consistent branding experience, emails created in Marketing Cloud can be sent to individuals, campaigns or report records from the CRM. Using Journey Builder ABC Motors is able to notify their sales team of a pre-order in near real-time.

Social Studio

Social Studio helps marketers and customer service reps connect with their followers online. It has a content calendar where you can plan, schedule and post content to different social networks. ABC Motors use Social Studio to “listen” to conversations about their brand, monitor competitor activity, and gauge sentiment about their upcoming model launch.