How to Create a Delayed Pop Up Web Template

MCP’s global exit intent pop up fires when a user indicates they are about to leave a website. To change this pop up to appear after a delay instead, use pageElementLoaded with a timeout.

return SalesforceInteractions.DisplayUtils
     // Replace .pageExit with a dom element

The exit intent pop up is not designed to show on mobile devices because it uses mouse movement to work. As a result, mobile pop up interactions are not tracked by default. In order to track pop up interactions across desktop and mobile – explicitly add campaign stats tracking for impressions, clicks, and dismissals to your web template.

e.g. in the setDismissal click function:

// Track dismissal
const trackDismissal = {
      experienceId: context.experience,
      control: false,
      stat: "Dismissal"
SalesforceInteractions.mcis.sendStat({ campaignStats: [trackDismissal] });